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Week Ahead Compliance Reminders

27 August 2023

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Week Ahead Reminders for the week 28th August to 3rd September 2023. The following have due date of 30 August 2023: 1. STPI-SOFTEX 2. SEZ- SOFTEX 3. Form DIR-3- KYC to be completed for Directors before 30th September, 2023 4. Furnishing of challan cum statement in respect of tax deducted under section 194-1A, 194-1B, 194M and 194S of the income tax act for the month of July 2023. For listed companies there are several other event or task based, annual and quarterly compliances which have specific time periods allotted from the date of the event or completion of task or end of a milestone period before which one needs to submit reports with details of the event or task to the relevant regulatory authorities especially SEBI. These due dates generally fall in the range of simultaneous to 60 days depending on the event.
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