We use Zoho which is India’s top ERP solution for Chartered Accountants. This is a secure cloud based software along with a mobile-app. This technology helps us in the following ways:

  1. Manage entire practice and operations for efficient and effective service delivery to our clients.
  2. As a cloud based software, Zoho allows us to work from any corner of the world at anytime.
  3. The technology helps us perform a compliant audit and other engagements as per relevant auditing standards, other regulations and compliance requirements which govern our profession.
  4. The technology also offers a client portal through which our clients can have real time access to status of the engagements, tasks, information provided, information pending to be provided, repository of all documents uploaded, status of invoices and their respective payment status.
  5. The tool eliminates the need for email exchanges and stores all the data in a secure cloud environment which can be accessed on a real time basis by us and our clients from anywhere in the world.
  6. Our clients and our team get real time notifications on email and whatsapp which helps all stakeholders of the project to function effectively, efficiently and stay informed.
  7. Organise all our checklists in to one place, stick to project deadlines, monitor the work assigned to team members, empower our teams & client, and intelligently automate our workflow.